Tools for Schools checklists (EPA) to proactively monitor air quality in schools

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Tools for Schools checklists by the EPA enable schools to find and  eliminate  potential or existing asthma triggers and air quality issues.
 There are several checklists customized for teachers, administrators, maintenance, cleaning and office staff.


Walkthrough Inspection checklist (click the following) walkthruchklst

Ventilation checklist (click the following)      ventchklst

Building and Grounds Maintenance checklist (click the following) tools for schools

Administrative Staff checklist (click the following) tools for schools administrative

Teacher checklist  teacherchklst

School official Checklist schoolofficialchklst

Renovation and Repair Checklist:  renrepairchklst

Integrated Pest Management Checklist:  ipmcklst

Food Service Checklist:  foodservicechecklist

Health Officer Checklist: healthofficerchklst