Creating Healthy, Smart Schools

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If we wish to create schools that  promote the health, learning and lives of our students,  we must involve students as full partners in this adventure.

When students help design and maintain their school environment, they gain knowledge, voice and responsibility.

In turn, the school gets expert advice on what works for kids, innovative ideas and children who feel ownership for their school.

Creating healthier, smarter schools starts and ends with creating healthier, smarter students, empowered by their learning, actions and decisions.


The following posts include :

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, a learning project that involves students in understanding and improving their school environment,

A report on a Sustainability Study of Southwest Baltimore Charter School,

Videos of students and teachers describing how their energy study led to the installation of solar tubes to help light their school

School energy experts describing potential savings and successful energy challenges.

and an outline of  Innovate your School, an upcoming  innovation challenge at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.

I look forward to adding more projects to this list soon.   Do you have some that we should post here?

Let’s share this new way of empowering our children and improving our schools.