Burning Issues – Curtis Bay, Maryland

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Testimony on whether the Public Service Commission should allow the largest incinerator in the nation to be built at Curtis Bay, Maryland. The plans call for trucking in 4,000 tons of garbage a day to the plant which would be located within a mile of two schools.



Try This vol.1

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Here is something that I hope that we will try.

First, create a chart of objectives, actions and goals with timelines. What you want to happen and when.
Make each of these specific to one day and one kid. Something that you could take a picture of when it happens.

Like Brenda, a 4th grader won’t have an asthma attack at school any time after Jan 4th, 2013.
Or after school renovations on May 16th, 2012 Johnny Marx in 1st grade can stay all day at school instead of having to wait for his mother to leave work and pick him up because school was canceled for excessive heat.
Or Latasha in kindergarten reading her first new book as the reading aid helps her to sound out the long words.

Both the reading aid and the book were funded with energy savings that the school created.
Keep those kids in your head every day.
Greet them in the morning when you wake up.
Go to bed thinking of them.
They should be sitting on your lap and riding on your shoulders.
So when someone in the meeting explains that this is going to take a few years or we just don’t have the resources for this, you will be their voice.

And you will be there to remind everyone that NOW is a very good time to change the world for these kids.