Holding our Breath for Better Air Quality Regulations

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Working to shut down smog in Maryland
Tad Aburn, Director of MDE’s Air and Radiation Management Administration, briefs the Air Quality
Control Advisory Council (AQCAC) on the proposed Nox regulations.

The new standards would push companies to meet emission standards at each plant and require plants to use pollution control equipment
throughout the summer smog season. The council put off their vote on adopting the standards until October.

The full report by MDE is listed in the resource section of the website.

There will be a Stakeholder meeting (open to the public) at 10am on Wednesday, Sept. 10th at the Maryland Department of the Environment Office
1800 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 410-537-3000
Toll free at 1-800-633-6101

The next meeting of the AQCAC will be on October 6th at 8 am.