We help students study and improve the environmental health problems at their schools

students testing their schools
When students test their schools, they are learning and innovating to improve complex systems which affect them directly.
We give them the tools to test and improve the factors which affect their health and learning.
They do the science, engineering, and communication to improve their environments and outcomes.

We could talk about poor test scores on math and science tests which exclude many students from STEM careers.

We could talk about classrooms where our students shiver through the winter and swelter through heat waves. 

We could talk about the poor air quality and inadequate ventilation which can reduce student achievement and trigger asthma.

We could talk about the myriad environmental health challenges in Baltimore and decry the injustices and inequity.

But why not give our students a chance to study and solve these problems instead?  Isn’t that more interesting and productive?

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Students grow bacteria from samples they collected to determine which surfaces at school have the most bacteria and whether UV light kills bacteria.

In Experiment You, students test their schools. They engage in real scientific investigations with professional tools, protocols with the help of experts. 

Students choose an issue, collect and analyze their data, and then innovate to create improvements or solutions. 

Presenting their findings and recommendations to officials can help bring attention and resources to help solve these problems.


We recently bought components for testing the water quality of Jones Falls. We look forward to having students program the equipment so we can upload streaming water quality data online.  

Finally, we post videos and resources on local environmental issues so students can hear testimony, witness protests, and read studies on local issues.

Covid-19, Worldwide Breakout Game.

We are gathering resources for a learning adventure to understand the myriad of problems that must be solved to reduce the threat from Covid-19.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to collaborate on projects together.

Best wishes,                                               

Shan Gordon