The Second Battle of Baltimore

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If you think that the only aerial bombardment of Baltimore was by the British navy in 1814, think again. Gaze south of Ft. McHenry a few miles to near where the British ships fired their canons and rockets. O say, … Continued

Fighting to Breathe in Baltimore

Doris Toles describes her battle to breathe in the polluted air of Baltimore. Old coal burning power plants near Baltimore can emit up to 10 times the pollution as plants with modern pollution controls, leaving people with asthma and COPD to struggle to breathe their next breath. Toles spoke at a Sierra Club rally to clean up dirty coal burning plants in Maryland.

Interviews with Protestors of Energy Answers Incinerator

Interviews with Destiny Watford, graduate of Benjamin Frankin High School, Charles Graham, student at Benjamin Franklin High School and Mike Ewall, Director of Energy Justice Network at the protest march against the planned Energy Answers Incinerator on a site one … Continued

Protest March Against Energy Answers Incinerator

Students at Benjamin Franklin High School lead protest of the Energy Answers Incinerator planned for construction at a site a mile from the school. Students fear that the incinerator will bring waste including car parts and car tires from other … Continued