If you want students to learn, let them test their schools.

Every year our schools test students. And every year these tests show that students in Baltimore City Public Schools perform far below state averages on all subjects. If we want better results, we need to invert the equation. Students should … Continued

The Coconut Weirdo Tree

Giving children a chance to name things in nature invites them to use their imagination and observation skills and to claim the right to categorize things. Anderson tells the children the common name so they can communicate with people outside the class, but which is the more memorable and descriptive name: Monkey Weirdo Tree, or Horse Chestnut?

David S. Cramer, NRG testifies in favor of the proposed regulations which would regulate NRG and other companies operating coal burning power plants in Maryland

David S. Cramer of NRG, testifies in favor of proposed MDE regulations on coal burning power plants. NRG is one of the companies operating coal burning power plants in Maryland.

11: Testimony for stronger emission regulations for coal burning power plants

David Rebstock testifies in favor of stronger emission regulations on coal burning power plants in Maryland to protect the health of our citizens. He testified as a hearing on proposed emission regulations at the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Learning about the Real Stuff

In a room filled with scientists, researchers and government officials, two seniors from City College High School, Nil Walker and Cameron Potts are answering questions about their summer research project. They explain how they collected and counted mosquito larvae, tested … Continued