Learning about the Real Stuff

In a room filled with scientists, researchers and government officials, two seniors from City College High School, Nil Walker and Cameron Potts are answering questions about their summer research project. They explain how they collected and counted mosquito larvae, tested … Continued

Citizen 2.0: How Citizen Science is Reinventing Learning and Empowering Citizens.

The printing press. Democracy. The internet. Citizen Science. Each of these educates, connects and empowers people. They are extensions of our hunger to learn, share information and create solutions. Opening science to more people creates a virtuous cycle that strengthens … Continued

Health Lessons for Schools: How students can improve the health and learning conditions at their schools.

What would happen if students examined their school, homes and habits in the same way that doctors examined a patient? Could they start to identify and change things in their school and home environments that hinder their health and learning? … Continued

Rethinking Learning: What lessons can after school programs teach our schools?

During the recent Maryland Out of School Time conference I got a chance to observe lessons from a variety of after school programs. These programs involved the participants in genuine STEM inquiry in ways that are still rare in the … Continued