Students Test Their Schools

Students Test their Schools Students at Patterson High School and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute are about to get new science and environmental health laboratories: their schools. Johns Hopkins and Cool Green Schools are partnering on a community research grant to provide … Continued

The Coconut Weirdo Tree

Giving children a chance to name things in nature invites them to use their imagination and observation skills and to claim the right to categorize things. Anderson tells the children the common name so they can communicate with people outside the class, but which is the more memorable and descriptive name: Monkey Weirdo Tree, or Horse Chestnut?

Rebecca Rehr, MEHN

Rebecca Rehr, Maryland Environmental Health Network, describes the health effects of pollution and urges the Maryland Department of the Environment to adopt regulations for coal burning power plants that are equal or better than the ones which Governor Hogan withdrew from publication when he took office.

Chris Yoder testifies that socializing the costs of pollution violates conservative values

Chris Yoder testifies before the Maryland Department of the Environment about how relaxing air pollution regulations for Coal fired power plants violates conservative values and economic principles.

Dr. Alfred Bartlett asks MDE to strengthen regulations on coal burning power plants to better protect our health.

Dr. Alfred Bartlett testifies that to adopt revised regulations for coal burning power plants in Maryland would not serve the health of Marylander’s. He asked that the state adopt either implement the more stringent regulations passed earlier, or approve even stronger regulations.

Miranda Kosten testifies to protect children in Maryland from air pollution

Miranda Kosten asks the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to strenghten their proposed emission regulations for coal burning power plants. Kosten wants to protect children from the air pollution which can make it unsafe for them to play outdoors.