• The joy of nature

    Students enjoy playing on natural features in their playground.

  • What we grow by .

    I grew this! Students in school gardens grow their confidence, scientific knowledge and math skills. They feed their understanding of nutrition, too.

  • natural whistles by .

    Students practice their leaf calls by blowing air across a blade of grass held between their thumbs.

  • painting storm drains

    Students paint storm drains to remind people that pollution and trash can flow directly into the harbor.

  • STEM in Gardens by .

    Mapping a garden combines geography, botany, spelling, math and art.

  • Living classrooms2 by .

    Turning algae into I'll go, students learn how to derive energy from algae.

  • oyster spat

    Spat on the half shell. A baby oyster (spat) will be grown on an oyster shell in an oyster cage suspended in the Baltimore Harbor. Oysters filter sediment and pollutants from the water.

  • investigations by .

    Gardening gives students a chance to investigate the natural world with awe and intense interest.

  • outdoor classroom by .

    Scott Hartman takes students outside to learn about gardening, nutrition, biology, cooking and math. When he asked one class of students why the chickens were kept in a fenced in enclosure, a student anwered, "Because it did something really bad?"

Can Math=Fun?

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The “No” Hypothesis

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Experiment US

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